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by Chris Pearson last modified Nov 09, 2010 04:38 PM

Triumf 32 channel Programmable pattern generator (2010)

PPG32 firmware source archive — last modified Nov 09, 2010 03:37 PM
PPG32 Version 1 firmware - Early November 2010. Changes from V0: All instructions now 3 clocks, subroutineCall/return+branch instructions added, all instructions have 32bit delay count to extend default 3 clock time. All output bit patterns are set at start of delay (not end). Options for external Clk (20Mhz), external start, selected output inversion. Running status bit+led, Status readback via vme.
24Jan11 firmware source (includes binary) — last modified Jan 24, 2011 05:08 PM
PPG firmware sources (version of 24Jan11) - has fixed vme dtack timing so readback is more reliable, also has working vme halt command (previously, if halted while program was running, ppg would restart itself when the currently executing instruction completed its delay)
7Apr11 sources — last modified Aug 11, 2011 10:32 PM
Has vme readback problem fixed - Address on bus was changing during data phase, changing which register was being read - Address is now latched on AS. Also other minor fixes
1 March 2012 sources + binary — last modified Nov 16, 2012 05:34 PM
Fixed vme timing for GefVme Bridge (DS* fall at same time as AS - was too soon for data drivers to turn on) Ext clock done properly with proper recync between ppg and rest of system. Proper PPG/CSR reset added (in place of slow clock selection). Programmable PLL reconfiguration added to allow use of any frequency external clock.
1Feb13 Correction to 1Mar12 Source/binary — last modified Feb 01, 2013 03:12 PM
fixed program memory write bug in 1mar12 version (write enable was 1 clock behind data - causing bad data to be written if write-enable only lasted 1 clock) Otherwise unchanged
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