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Title of report:
An Introduction to CAMAC
and the CAMAC Controller Diagnostic Program
Name of Student:
Tandy Tam
Co-op course:
APSC 110
Co-op employer:
George Ludgate (TRIUMF)

Dear Dr. Axen, This is my technical report for the 1989 summer work term.

I took your advice, and wrote the report on one of my diagnostic programs. I chose the one that I liked the most. The program described in this report was part of my major project for the summer, and has proven to be very useful. Perhaps you may want to try the program after reading the description in the report.

I hope you will find the report interesting and worth while.

Sincerely yours, Tandy Tam

August 1989

An Introduction to
and the
For Dr. David Axen By Tandy Tam

August 1989

Data Acq. Group
Sat Oct 14 20:45:07 PDT 1995
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