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INDEX Update 26-Mar-92 ----- This is file INDEX.TXT -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: "P#" refers to Paragraph Number. GU paragraphs are in GEN_USER.TXT. P paragraphs are in PROGRAMS.TXT. TD_MVAX refers to any µSR microVAX. TD_WS refers to any µSR VAXstation. PSICLU refers to any VAX in the PSI Central VAX Cluster. Index P# Machine ----- -- ------- General use ... ----------- - Cold start GU-01 TD_MVAX, TD_WS - Ordinary shutdown GU-02 TD_MVAX, TD_WS - Suggested "Modus Operandi" GU-03 TD_MVAX, TD_WS - Logging in GU-04 TD_MVAX, TD_WS - Hard-copy GU-05 TD_MVAX, TD_WS - Securing the Display GU-06 TD_MVAX, TD_WS - Disk Quotas on microVAX GU-07 TD_MVAX - Recovery Procedure GU-08 TD_MVAX, TD_WS - Starting and Stopping Runs GU-09 TD_MVAX - Looking at Histograms GU-10 TD_MVAX, TD_WS - Automatic Run Sequences GU-11 TD_MVAX - Hardware Monitoring GU-12 TD_MVAX - MSR_GENERAL VAXnotes Conference GU-13 All - Session Manager Setup GU-14 TD_MVAX, TD_WS - Laser Printer GU-15 TD_MVAX, TD_WS Programs ... -------- - µSR Hardware Concepts, Rigs, P-01 All Counters, Modes, etc. - Run Numbers P-02 All - Run Control, DELTAT P-03 TD_MVAX - Histogram Display, LOOK P-04 TD_MVAX, TD_WS - RATE P-05 TD_MVAX - CAMTST P-06 TD_MVAX - @HC, Hard Copy P-07 TD_MVAX, TD_WS - STACOP P-08 PSICLU - EDITXX P-09 PSICLU - MUFITX P-10 PSICLU - FFTXX P-11 PSICLU Data File Format See description in PSI_FORMAT.TXT or MSR_GENERAL ---------------- VAXnotes Conference. Terminal Setup for Pericom See example hard-copy output in folder. -------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------- End of INDEX.TXT
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