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Using CAMAC via the MVME162

This document describes how to set up the software necessary for using MuSR Data Acquisition with an interface to CAMAC via an MVME162 processor. The hardware setup consists of a VAX and an MVME162LX (68040) processor in a VME crate (or a custom box for power). The VAX and MVME162 communicate through the ethernet (mostly RPC). The MVME162 is connected via SCSI to a Jorway 73A SCSI CAMAC crate controller. The MVME162 is also fitted with at least eight serial ports and a GPIB Industry Pack for use with slow controls.

Booting the MVME162

We are currently using VxWorks 5.2 as the MVME162 operating system. Development (i.e., cross-compilation) is done on a DECstation (ULTRIX).

First, create the directory "dsk1:[musr.vw]" on the VAX.

Then, make sure that the following files are located on the VAX:

	dsk1:[musr.vw]vxworks.                 (VxWorks kernel)
	dsk1:[musr.vw]vxworks.sym              (VxWorks symbol table)
	dsk1:[musr.vw]startup_*.cmd            (startup script)
	dsk1:[musr.vw]camac$j$orway73a$l$ib.o  (Jorway 73A driver)
	dsk1:[musr.vw]camac$r$pc$s$rv.         (CAMAC RPC Server)

There are startup scripts (startup_*.cmd) for each host node. You will specifiy the particular file for your host in the NOVRAM setup of the MVME described later.

If you want to run CAMP on the MVME (yes!), include the following:

	dsk1:[musr.vw]libc_tw.o                (routines needed by CAMP)
	dsk1:[musr.vw]camp_srv.o               (CAMP Server)

The reason for the strange dollar signs ($) in the file names is that this is how MultiNet NFS deals with case-sensitive filenames. From VxWorks (or UNIX), the file camac$r$pc$s$rv is seen as camacRpcSrv.

Once you have the proper files setup on the VAX, you must configure the boot parameters on the MVME, which are stored in NOVRAM. To do this, you must have a connection to the console serial port of the MVME (device "/tyCo/0"). Consult the VxWorks Programmer's Guide on how to go about setting the parameters. The following is a sample setup using host node "dasdev" (a VAX) and target node "vwdevel3". A username ("dev" in the example) and password are necessary in order to download the kernel and symbol table using FTP. This user must have read access the kernel and symbol table. Normally TFTP is used for this (no password necessary), but the configuration to allow TFTP with the VAX (MultiNet) has not yet been successful.

boot device          : ei
processor number     : 0
host name            : dasdev
file name            : dsk1:[musr.vw]vxworks
inet on ethernet (e) :
host inet (h)        :
user (u)             : dev
ftp password (pw)    : triumf
flags (f)            : 0x0
target name (tn)     : vwdevel3
startup script (s)   : dsk1:[musr.vw]startup_musr.cmd

You may now boot the MVME.

Booting the VAX

To setup the VAX for CAMAC via the MVME162, use the SHUTDOWN account to reboot the computer. Select the MODAS data acquisition system, and the MVME CAMAC interface. The computer will then be rebooted (or shutdown) and will come up with the MuSR software configured for CAMAC via MVME.

Location of MODAS files

The MODAS system expects TD-MuSR files in the following directories:

	ed:[com]	- command files
	ed:[exe]	- executables
	ed:[rcdb]	- run control database files
And I-MuSR files in the following:
	imusred:[com]	- command files
	imusred:[exe]	- executables
	imusred:[rcdb]	- run control database files
In order for the system to work with multiple CAMAC interfaces, it was decided that the executables for the interfaces would be stored in different directories, and upon bootup, the executable directory ed:[exe] is aliased to the appropriate permanent directory. So, complete sets of TD-MuSR executables are now stored in:
	ed:[exe_camif]	 - Q-Bus executables
	ed:[exe_camrpc]	 - RPC (MVME) executables
	ed:[exe_camscsi] - direct SCSI to Jorway 73A executables
And I-MuSR executables are similarly in:
	imusred:[exe_camif]	- Q-Bus executables
	imusred:[exe_camrpc]	- RPC (MVME) executables
	imusred:[exe_camscsi]	- direct SCSI to Jorway 73A executables
If the RPC (MVME) CAMAC interface is chosen, for example, then the following commands are performed at system startup to make the required aliases:
$ set file/enter=dsk1:[musr.exp.td_musr]exe.dir - 
$ set file/enter=dsk1:[musr.exp.i_musr]exe.dir - 
This is done in sys$

Likewise, the CAMP startup command file dsk1:[camp] takes similar action according to the CAMAC interface type. Although in the case of the CAMAC RPC (MVME) interface, the CAMP Server is expected to be running on the MVME., TRIUMF Data Acquisition Group
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